Hi, I am Kara.

I am a family and lifestyle photographer based in Hamilton, Ontario.

For as long as I can remember, photography and capturing intimate connection has always been something I highly value. As cliche as it may sound, becoming a mother (of 3!) really emphasized the importance of preserving every moment and became an everyday reminder that time is so fleeting. You blink and they are 10. 

I feel that capturing a beautifully posed portrait is important and necessary but also recognize that there is so much joy and freedom in capturing the genuine memories in the real and chaotic moments of life...and what is parenthood other than beautiful chaos, am I right? I believe that there is immense beauty in the small every day interactions and moments of connection and that those too deserve to be captured. My hope is that in years from now, these images will bring you back to a certain point in time so that you can vividly remember it all.